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quoted from a BWRA email 201-07-025
Our Association’s general election for the Board of Directors will be held in October 2018.

This year, there will be five (5) open positions on the BWRA Board of Directors to serve for two (2) year terms.

This notice will serve to provide an opportunity for members to nominate candidates or express their interest in running for the Board of Directors.

A Nomination Form is attached below to nominate any member in good standing or to self-nominate.

If you have any questions or would some additional information, please contact a member of the Nominating Committee as listed below.

BWRA Nominating Committee
Chair - Brooks Goldman (
Members - Cathy Davis ( Callahan (

Message ID: 10496.10541

From an Association email -
"Project complete - courts are play ready!

Come one, come all and try out the new synthetic surface courts!

Message ID: 10496.10541"
The annual meeting of the Bethany Beach Landowners Association (BBLA) is Saturday June 23, 10 AM at the South Coastal Library. Discussion will include flooding. See also the BBLA web page
The graphics from the BBLA meeting preserntaion on Storm water and tidal flooding within the town of Bethany Beach. Have been posted on the BBLA web page.
From email from the Association
Subject: Calling All Adults!

This is a Public Service Announcement Bethany West People….. You know what’s just around the corner?? APPETIZER/ TRIVIA NIGHT!! Saturday, June 23rd is the date so free up your calendar immediately! I’m sure you’ve all been studying since last year’s competition and you’re anxious to show off your smarts! As a reminder, no iPads, smart phones, or any other means of sorcery are allowed during Trivia. Here are the specifics:

Time – 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Place – Clubhouse at the Back Pool

Who – Adults only

Your Part - Bring an appetizer or dessert to share and your own (adult) beverage.

Our Part - Plates, napkins and plastic cutlery will be provided but you’re asked to bring any serving utensils your dish requires. Please sign up at the back pool or contact Sandy McDaniel at 302-541-0834 if you plan on attending.
The Best Part – The winning team will receive an all-expense paid trip to the Caribbean! Just kidding…… but there will be prizes! So double-up on your Ginkgo Biloba and join us. It’s a lot of excitement for one evening!!

Message ID: 10496.10541
Dredging has begun! The "Dodge Island" dredge is working at the north end of Bethany Beach'
The Special Meeting of the BWRA held earlier passed the revised Bylaws proposal. Future Board Elections will primarily be by absentee ballot..
Minutes of the Fall Members Meeting are available as Draft on the web pages.

The DRAFT Bethany West Recreation Association Newsletter

The hot topic:Flooding; Flood Map


from Association email:
Dear Bethany West Owner:

The Social Committee has once again developed an exciting social calendar for the entire family for the 2018 summer season.

One of the annual offerings is Friday Night Bingo. Everyone is always a winner and no one ever leaves without a prize. This fun-filled weekly program has been coordinated and run by Lonny and Joyce Moore for many years. However, it is time for change and the Social Committee is looking for volunteers to assist in order to keep it going. One possibility is a team of (4) families to cover the one-hour play on rotating Fridays. The Committee is open to all ideas.

Lastly, each event, as they say, takes a village; so the Social Committee is always looking for volunteers to help with sign-up, set-up, clean-up, disbursing and cooking food, etc. Again, it is drawing towards the time when a new mix of owners needs to take over this program and events in order to keep it viable.

If you can help in any way, even at just one event, please contact John Reed, Board member and Social Committee Chair, either by phone (610-331-7142) or email (

From an email from the Assoiation:
As discussed at the Spring Meeting, although the Town of Bethany Beach provides the trash removal and recycling service for the community, the Bethany West Recreation Association does have several sections of the Covenants that address the handling and disposal of trash within Bethany West."<MORE>

Unofficial comments, good turnout at the meeting, The Board member reports were all good. Property Management reported on the past year. All went well. There is concern about the number of owners who vote on Association matters. New Business discussion ranged from stop signs to trash cans.