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From the Coastal Point-
"Assawoman Canal collects dredging permits
Front Page Local News
Dredging is once again in the Assawoman Canal’s future. To improve watercraft navigation, Delaware State Parks has officially requested state and national permits for 3.94 miles of maintenance dredging anytime in the next 10 years.
Officials hope to begin in January, finishing the northern canal (Route 26 to White Creek) by the boating season." <more>

ERNEST CONSTANT RASKAUSKAS, SR died October 9, 2016 at
his home in Potomac, MD. more
"Ernie" had a long and distinguished legal career and was the
developer of Bethany West.

email from the Bethany Beach Landowners Association-
"BBLA Members,
Town Council may vote on Revised Bulk Density Ordinance on October 21.

The proposed ordinance on bulk density has been revised to expand the purpose statement; add definitions of exterior wall plane and bulk density; and modify the definitions of half story and story. It is available for review on the Town website at
BBLA email

Signifficance: BBLA is suggesting that these building design requirements be extended to the R2 zone, which includes BW

-email from the Association:
"The following owners were elected to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 8 and will each serve two (2) year terms:

Lonny Moore
Doug Mowrey
Chris O'Connor
John Reed
-email from the Association-
"The Bethany West Recreation Association's Annual Meeting will take place this Saturday, October 8 beginning with a social gathering @ 8:30am with meeting to start promptly @ 9:00am. The meeting will be held in the Back Pool Clubhouse.

There are also four (4) open positions up for election to the Board of Directors. If you are unable to attend, please take a minute to complete the attached proxy. It can be returned by:
USPS to BWRA, PO Box 1119, Bethany Beach, DE 19930
Email to
Fax to 888-400-7247
Thank you in advance for your participation and looking forward to see those able to attend the meeting.

Bethany West Annual Meeting Proxy

Bethany Beach Landowners Association Newsletter link-
Operation SEASthe day

Coastal Point June 24, 2016
Bethany Beach ultimately still at the mercy of tide and storm


how one town tackled the Lyme Disease issue /
Landenberg Outdoors: Oh, Deer!
The story